Privacy Policy

Access to this website, called 'the Website' and the receiving of the pleas in this website goods, requires disclosure by users to of information at discretion needed for a successful and safely supply and receipt of the requested goods. Users must notify the all the truthful information required at the discretion of to complete the provision e.g. name, email address, postal address, phone, credit card information. By entering the requested data each user gives his consent to the collection, use and process personal data voluntarily entered for the purpose of receiving the requested goods.

The collects and maintains only personal data that each user communicate with the introduction of the information in the corresponding fields and / or answers in the context of specific actions carried out by the and voluntarily Users to participate.

Purpose of the collection, use and processing of personal data which states each user in, is the provision of services and the supply of goods requested through the Website, for the production of which requires the use and / or processed.

Each user, with the acceptance of these terms, gives the explicit and unconditional consent to use, keeping, processing and transmission of personal data and data that informs the from and outsourcing in such a way that is able to obtain the goods that are requested through the Website.

The reserves the right to use the contact information of any user to send messages concerning products and services and related offers and / or communications, if that user has agreed on.

If any user no longer wishes for his personal data to be used for sending such information by, can send email to from the email address which has been stated in the registration, saying "I DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE INFORMATION MATERIAL."

Anyone, if desired, may apply at any time to be informed of the personal data held by, their recipients, purpose of maintaining and processing and modification, correction or their deletion by sending an e-mail to from the e-mail address which has been registered enclosing a copy of their ID.

The collection, maintenance, processing and transmission of personal data supplied by the users through the Website', are collected, used and treated in accordance with the applicable provisions on data protection and in particular, in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 and Law 3471/2006, as applicable.

The, allows access to users' personal data only to authorized persons who require access to enable the completion of the purpose of the collection, use and processing, as is disclosed in these terms.

Within this, reserves the right to grant unauthorized access and / or right of use and processing of your personal data to third natural or legal persons who are responsible for carrying out the processing.

The privacy of users from outsourcing is determined in accordance with their respective terms they formulate and communicate and has no responsibility thereof.

The, reserves the right to use the information communicated in a way that is not possible to identify or disclose the person concern for statistical, promotional, research or promotional purposes, disclosing them to third persons eg research companies responsible for the completion of the above goals.



The reserves the right to amend these terms unilaterally.

Non-acceptance of these terms or violation, in whole or in part, provides the right to to reject booking from a specific user and / or block access to the Website and the goods supplied by it.

The relationship between users and are governed by and construed under Greek law, solely responsible to resolve any disputes are the courts of Kefalonia Island - Greece.

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