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Steki Taven

In the eastern part of Cephalonia, situated in a natural creek, there is the beautiful seaside village of Agia Efimia.

A place with lots of natural beauties and many more contracts, Agia Efimia is surrounded by the mountains of “Agia Dinati” and “Kalon Oros”, the huge plain of Pylaros and of course the sea. Old mansions co-exist harmoniously with newer edifices, like the stone paved alleys with asphalted roads and the old “gaites” (fishing boats) with the most modern yachts.

In this weird land, Mrs Giannoula started in 1984 the most distant journey in taste and tradition and set up the traditional tavern “To Steki”.

In a small place in front of the sea and near the lighthouse the legend of “Steki” began.

There you could hear the waves murmuring and the wind whistling their own tunes among the flotillas boats, she started with her heart set on the family tradition that lasts till today.

Her fellow-traveller was her companion, Memás. She was uprooted from her mountainous village called “Tarkasata” becaused of the tremedous earthquake in 1953. She was an incredible housewife, a perfect cook and an excellent hostess. Memás was a sailor coming from a family of fishermen, being a fisherman himself, versed in seafood and with traditional Cephalonian “madness”.

Together they joined their love for offer and started a journey in taste. Mrs Giannoula’s home made, authentic, quality meals, as her “nonna”(grandma) and mother had taught her.

Since the early days she became famous for her original Cephalonian meatpie, wich still is one of few if not unique served on the island. She also became distinct for her fishsoup, made of the fresh fishes which Mr Memás had selected, and little by little for everything cooked by her. The reputation that at “Steki” you don’t just eat, but you eat “like your home” is not accidental and has been following it for so many years.

In 1991, because of Mrs Giannoula’s successful cookery, the transfer of the business from the small tavern to a bigger place was necessary. So it was transfered exactly next to the old place which by then was used as a storehouse and it continued to provide its customers with quality.

Milestone for the business was the year 2003, when “Steki” was handed down to the second generation, her daughter Efthalia. Along was passed down all the longing for the old original recipes. Efthalia started her own myth, though based on her mother’s values.

Exquisite dishes like lamb Lemonoriganato en casserole(cooked in lemon and origanum sauce), veal Kokkinisto(veal cooked in tomato sauce), braised veal en casserole, sardines souvlaki and of course… the unique till today meatpie, culminated the fame of “Steki”.

Together with her husband Vaggelis at the grill, Mrs Giannoula at the frying pan and her daughter valuable assistant, they write a new page in the history of the business.

With respect to quality, the food chain and consequently to the human themselves, she always chooses the best and the freshest ingredients.

Fresh local meat, most of which comes from their own farrm where they rear animals for the needs of the taverna.

Fresh fishes from the Ionian sea fished by local fishermen and fresh fruits and vegetables from Cephalonian farmers.

“Steki” also offers you the opportunity to enjoy yourselves three times a week, since it organises “Greek music Nights” with great success. High spirits and dance prevail all night long. Serenades from the Ionian Islands transfer you to another era.


0€ - 20€

Avg price per person excl. drinks

Opening Period: May - October
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 24:00
Wedding & Event Hall: Yes, Capacity: 150 persons
Live music: Yes, Thursday and Saturday
Delivery: No


Steki Taven
Agia Efimia , Agia Efimia
Tel.: 2674061025

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