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This website, goKefalonia.com hereinafter referred to as “Website”, it is created and owned by companies under the name Webasis – Internet Services, Adklik.gr & kefalonitis.com which have been formed and are operated under Greek law and based in Kefalonia Island - Greece.

All information, data and images and generally the content posted on the Website and the software and applications, including the visual part, used to operate and manage the Website, are owned and copyrighted by goKefalonia.com or their respective licensors. goKefalonia.com gathers information and data display and communicate through the Website primarily from third party providers and may not guarantee the quality or accuracy of such information. However it makes every reasonable effort to ensure, where possible, that the information come from reliable sources.

Each user of the Website must use the provided information through the Website only in accordance with their intended use i.e. for the completion of service chosen by the Website and refrain from any attempt or act of reproduction, appropriation, copying, alteration, variation and overall unauthorized use of these otherwise use that serves its intended use.

The total logos and trademarks, whether registered or not, posted and / or disclosed in the Website belong to goKefalonia.com or its third party providers to which they refer and/or its licensors. Each user must refrain from any act of use, exploitation, misappropriation, corruption and general unauthorized use of such trademarks and any attempt to mislead the public about the content provider, the beneficiary of this intellectual property, providers of services and / or the identity of the manager of the Website.

It is expressly specified for the avoidance of any dispute that users have no right to use otherwise, exploit information and services provided through the Website by goKefalonia.com and / or Third Party Providers for commercial purposes, e.g. providing relevant services or other third party with or without consideration.


This website, http://www.goKefalonia.com hereinafter referred to as Website, it is created and owned by companies under the name webasis.gr, adklik.gr & kefalonitis.com which have been formed and are operated under Greek law and based in Kefalonia Island - Greece.

The Website goKefalonia.com is a communication & advertising system for the public, which provides Internet information and services.

goKefalonia is not bound in any way by the content of its web pages.

goKefalonia.com is sole owner, proprietor otherwise, the content entered on the Website, having secured the necessary permission to use the information in this display of each alleged licensors.

The Website has been developed and is operated with the intention for the users of the Website to collect information about tourist goods such as accommodation services in Kefalonia, to make a reservation and also the purchase of goods / services provided by Third Party Providers. goKefalonia.com acts solely as booking agent for travel services provided and serviced through the Website and supplied by the provider of every tourist goods and / or third intermediary services, hereinafter referred to as "Third Party Providers", displayed and reported on the Website and under the terms and conditions it, that the Third Provider, shapes and informs users of tourist goods provides.



Access and / or use of the provided information, of goKefalonia.com services and goods provided by Third Party Providers via the Website implies knowledge and full acceptance of these terms and conditions of use that shape and inform the Third Party Providers to the public concerning the current tourist goods they provide.

During the process of accessing the Website and use of services is required by users careful reading, understanding and unconditional acceptance of these terms as a condition of the process to access and receive the services provided.

goKefalonia.com reserves the right to modify the present terms unilaterally without prior notice to users. Each modified version of these Terms posted on the Website is replacing the previous one. For this reason, users should in any case before making any service through the Website, be informed and required to re-accept the modified terms.

Users should be informed about the terms and conditions applied for the supply of tourism goods that choose from Third Party Providers which are viewed and / or provided via the Website. Knowledge and acceptance of terms and conditions shall be the responsibility of each user who must be informed and accept them through the process and under the conditions that shape and define the Third Party Providers. The goKefalonia.com has no responsibility for, nor should ensure any acceptance process through the Website.

If for any reason anyone does not accept one or more of these terms or conditions of use that define the Third Party Providers, must refrain from using the Website and services otherwise assumed that conditions continue to be unconditionally accepted by the individual user.

Please note to remove any doubt that refusal to accept any term or condition of this or purchase of goods supplied by outsourcing, leads to inability to provide the goods selected by the user and possible inability to access services provided through the Website in whole or in part.



The information provided by the goKefalonia.com services is available electronically through the Website. Access and use of services provided through the Website requires the user to access the Internet.

In addition to the procedure electronic access and delivery of services in goKefalonia.com gives users the possibility for telephone booking, costs incurred by the alleged enterprise to the Website. These terms apply proportionally and in the case of telephone booking and purchasing of goods supplied.

Users of services provided via the Website should have completed 18 years of age, have legal capacity and if acting on behalf of third persons to be duly authorized on.

For the successful completion of the service via the Website is required the disclosure by the user and the collection and processing from goKefalonia.com information concerning and may constitute personal user data.

The user of the Website and the services provided through this service provides an unconditional license to goKefalonia.com to collect, use and transmit to third-party services information needed to provide services under the terms and conditions set out in the term "PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA." If anyone disagrees with the collection, use, processing and / or transmission of personal data in accordance with these terms shall cease and refrain from using the service, otherwise assumed that conditions continue to be unconditionally accepted by the individual user.

Travel documents: For reservations that may take place through our website, you are solely responsible for arranging all necessary travel documents required to visit the island of Kefalonia. You are also personally liable if a problem occurs because of lack of visas or expiration of your passport, with a result of your inability to travel and the possibility of being charged any cancellation charges.

Search Engine: We give you the opportunity to choose how you will approach your research about finding a hotel or other accommodation with two ways. The first is a quick survey that allows you to take a quick look at all the accommodation available. You'll see all the hotels and other accommodations by type and by region which are in alphabetical order. The second way is a more specific inquiry in which the fields should be filled in and will give you more suggestions and information based on your selections.

Reliability: For the creation of this website people with experience in tourism, with much care and professionalism worked in order to complete information and give proper services to users - visitors. The goKefalonia.com in any case can not be held accountable or responsible for changes or omissions made unannounced. Also, for any distinct typographical errors that may occur is in no way binding us and the correction can be done at any time. Also in cases of human or computer error that concerns the value of a particular service or price of the room, proceed to correction if the alleged customer informs us in due time.

Responsibility: The goKefalonia.com as an electronic travel guide and associates who act as representatives of the services have limited responsibilities.

In no event shall we be held responsible for any accident, illness, delay or other effect due to damage or otherwise caused to any, through fault or carelessness of the Transport Company or employee thereof. The goKefalonia.com and representatives will not accept in any way responsibility or the extra costs that may be caused by delay or other sudden change. It should also be clear that goKefalonia.com operates as a simple intermediary between the various tourist facilities or other services and website visitors. We separate, therefore the position of our responsibilities and obligations of suppliers / alleged / our advertisers.

Prices: All quoted prices are in Euro, are per unit (room or studio, etc.), per night and include all relevant taxes.



The goKefalonia.com does not guarantee the accuracy, precision and clarity of the information posted on the Website, including commodity prices, since the information supplied for publication by third parties, particularly by outsourcing and the confirmation and / or control of these from goKefalonia.com to the above is not and would not be feasible. For this reason, the goKefalonia.com has no responsibility for, and reserves the right to make corrections without penalty, updates and / or any other change to such information, if requested by the provider of the information or on this consensus, even where the correction, update or change concerns and / or affect pending reservations.

The goKefalonia.com does not guarantee or has any responsibility for the alleged availability of these goods, but displays specific information on the Website as communicated by the relevant third party providers.
The goKefalonia.com does not guarantee or has any responsibility for the adequacy, appropriateness, availability of goods provided by Third Party Providers and any acts or omissions in connection with their cooperation with the goKefalonia.com and / or performance takes to users that may cause claims for any reason. In any case goKefalonia.com has no responsibility towards the users or any third party for any direct or indirect damages, lost profits, loss of revenue or profit, loss of opportunity, loss or destruction of data and generally any kind of damage or loss which due or in access and / or use the Website and the goods acquired through this.

The virtual tour goKefalonia 360 represents both public spaces [eg Sightseeing] and private for the purpose of projection of advertisers. The goKefalonia.com does not bind to these places (e.g. hotel rooms) will be available in the same physical condition with the image reproduced on the Website. The images included in goKefalonia 360 are available in the actual moment of capture, without any visual interference from goKefalonia.com or Third Party.



The goKefalonia.com reserves the right to amend these terms unilaterally.

Non-acceptance of these terms or violation, in whole or in part, provides the right to goKefalonia.com to reject booking from a specific user and / or block access to the Website and the goods supplied by it.

The relationship between users and goKefalonia.com are governed by and construed under Greek law, solely responsible to resolve any disputes are the courts of Kefalonia Island - Greece.

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