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Sami is the first town one encounters when traveling to Kefalonia by ferry, from Patras, and it is also the main harbor.

Surrounded by lush mountains in a bay, Sami in Kefalonia, is a safe harbor and an important stop for many destinations, not only from Greece (Patras, Igoumenitsa, Lobster, Corfu), but also from Italy (Bari - Brindisi). Also in its marina can be accommodated many yachts, since it has all the necessary infrastructure.

On the hill above the city is its ancient history. The excavations continue and bring to light many important discoveries. Ruins of an ancient castle (Paleokastro) and Kyatis ancient Acropolis, where is the monastery of St. Fanenton.

In the area of Sami 17 caves sites have been recorded, which is unique for Greece. The most remarkable and widely known are the, Melissani cave in Karavomylos and Drogarati cave near the village Haliotata.

Sami area became more known worldwide, from the filming of "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" (Nicholas Cage, Penelope Cruz, Irene Papas, etc.) from both the shots in town and the beautiful beaches (beach Sami, Dihalia and Antisamos).

The city has all the services of a modern city that one can have. From Sami you can visit Ithaca, either by boats that organize day-trips daily, or ferry boat.

Sami has daily connections to Patras, Ithaca, Lefkada, Astakos - from May to October, as well as with ports in Italy during the summer period.

You can use Sami area as your base to see everything on the island.



Sami existed since prehistoric times. The history of Sami starts by Homer, who mentions it as part of the kingdom of the leader of Kefalonia, Ulysses. It is the period during which Kefalonia participated in the Trojan war. In Sami area, traces of organized habitation from this period, have been found. The Vigla hill may have been Mycenaean citadel. The 5th century BC. Kefalonia was divided in fourcities - states : Krani, Sami, Pronnon and Pallis. These cities followed an independent policy. The frequent, hostile relations between them are proved by the powerful classic - Hellenistic Acropolis, testified by the surviving parts of the bimodal important citadel of Sami. The remains of this period show a very well organized and prosperous city. During the 2nd century B.C. Sami attracts the attention of the Romans, due to its strategic position and thus in 189 B.C. campaigned against them in order to occupy the island. From the cities of Kefalonia only Sami decides to change its stance and resist vigorously. The siege lasted for 4 months and was handed over the city in 188 BC,following the transfer of the siege artillery from Amvrakeia! After the looting that followed, the Romans decided to reorganize and use it as a stopover when travelling between Greece and Italy. Several archaeological finds indicate intense building activity. The raids in the 5th and 6th century AD and destructive earthquakes, in combination with other factors, contributed to a gradual decline and final abandonment of the city.


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