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What is goKefalonia.com
This is the first tourist guide of Kefalonia, with the most realistic virtual tour complete both beauties and businesses involved in this. Our goal is to promote the island as well as attracting visitors to it. We want to help promote tourism in Kefalonia, and the competitiveness of our tourist product.

The website gokefalonia.com aspires to become the first online destination for holidays in Kefalonia. In one website, Internet users are able to seek information concerning tourism in the island of Kefalonia, to "plan" their holiday and "virtual tour" the island even before the visit! The view of Kefalonia and tourist services is our priority, using the enormous power of the internet combined with cutting edge technologies.

The website gokefalonia.com is a handy tourist information search tool, such as: - attractions and beaches, accommodation, entertainment, dining and shopping, culture and events, useful information by region.

This is the most complete guide for the internet user as a virtual visitor who has the ability to navigate to points of interest such as cities, villages, beaches and businesses as if they were really there, thanks to the innovative application goKefalonia 360, 3D tour with high resolution images, such as a video in which the user selects at what point will direct the camera to "walk" in the virtual environment we have created and constantly enrich for different parts of Kefalonia! we are the leaders in virtual reality, because we use a high advanced method of virtual tour with High Definition (HD), giving visitors the opportunity to tour the area in three-dimensional environment, like being there!

The website gokefalonia.com is a stylish site with the most advanced features and functionality and is available on computers and tablets. Very soon, we will launch a version of goKefalonia.com for all mobile phones including the latest iPhone and those running Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry!

Who we are
This website is developed by people with experience on the Internet with much care and professionalism to comprehensive information and good service to users - visitors. This is the cooperation of web design & internet marketing companies, "Webasis" & "adklik" from Kefalonia, Greece and the first cultural site for the island of Kefalonia & the Kefalonians, www.kefalonitis.com

More specifically:
"Webasis" specializes in implementing websites and web applications since 2002, offering integrated solutions to the professional as well as the casual user, always according to its needs. "Webasis" assumes the responsibility to build and promote the online presence of clients at affordable prices in combination with modern technologies such as 360 degree virtual tour (virtual tour). Until today it has successfully collaborated with several companies and individuals, both in Kefalonia and Athens.

Adklik is a relatively new web design and internet marketing company. Founded in 2008 has a portfolio of clients in both Athens and Kefalonia, mostly from the fields of tourism and legal services. Adklik aims at small & medium enterprises and responds to web design, internet marketing as well as in developing applications for mobile phones.

Website www.kefalonitis.com is an unselfish effort which is supported by young people, aimed at celebrating the culture and sights of Kefalonia. A member of kefalonitis Group, along with the news website mykefalonia.com and cultural magazine Kefalonitis Magazine (www.kmag.gr). The website was launched in February 2002 and since then it became widely known on the internet as a pole of attraction and concentration of the world Kefalonians.

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